Surely you’re not going to visit the Top End and go home without any photos?

Want some Top End holiday fun?  Here’s our 10 best photos to take home!

Australia’s Top End is last frontier, the Northern Territory, the Outback!  It’s one of the most popular destinations on everyone’s bucket list. There are thousands of priceless photos to take home as ‘brag’ shots for envious friends and family.

Here’s a few ideas that we think are key photo moments when creating memories of your time in this beautiful part of the world.

  1. Predator Selfie – take a selfie with a ‘mean looking’ crocodile or at least a close up pic!Mean-looking croc10 Trophy Photos you MUST take on your next Top End holiday Click To Tweet
  2. Cheers Mate – a beer in Mitchell Street will make all your mates jealous!A beer in Mitchell Street
  3. #Gonefishing #wishyouwerehere – Activate the green monster by Instagramming your successful fishing trip – be sure to hashtag for the full effect!Nev Brooks
  4. Show us your Thongs – Flashing can be fun.  Make sure they’re stylish and of the footwear kind!
  5. The “Oh what a feeling” to be on holidays jump – every holiday should include this photo to send home!
  6. Somewhere over the Waterfall – Get airborne – take a flight on a plane or helicopter over some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia.
  7. The ‘Mindil’ – no trip to Darwin would be complete without the ‘Mindil’ at sunset photo.The Mindil shot
  8. Pucker up – be coy but pucker up and blow us a kiss!
  9. Sand Messages – grab a stick to carve out your ‘hello, it’s me‘ message to let everyone know you’re having an awesome time.Leave a message in the sand
  10. The obligatory tourist shot – Hawaiian shirt, thongs and crazy pose has Top End written all over it.Jump

Holidays are the perfect time to start up social media so if you don’t already have an account – try it out and have some fun taking your first photos to share.

My TerritoryMob Instagram account was set up as a bit of fun but it’s become my latest obsession.  I’m always keen to find a great photo to post and share to the world.  If you haven’t seen my Instagram account be sure to follow me.

You may notice that I’m missing a couple of photos in this list so if you have one to share that fits the description and you’re happy to have it highlighted in this post, I’d love you to send it to me for inclusion.  (full credit given)

Do you have a photo to add to my list?  A photo that ‘says’ something memorable about your holiday in the Top End?  Care to share?