Dinner at Camels Hump with art and poetry – who would’ve thought?

The Camels Hump was a big part of my life a few years back.  A cheeky restaurant in downtown Alice Springs, where the menu featured a selection of creative dishes hero’ing camel meat.

At the time I was one of the owners of the Camels Hump and the artist of it’s namesake.  As part of our ‘look at me, look at me’ marketing I crafted the catchy logo for the restaurant and sketched up five bold watercolour caricatures of camels to take pride of place in the restaurant.

Cooking up a Storm

The unique menu drew great interest as we were one of the only restaurants featuring camel in Australia.  Dishes like Camel Ribs were fun as a hungry young man’s challenge!  My favourite was the Camel Filet Mignon. Just devine!

You may not believe it, but camel meat is low in cholesterol and fat.  It tastes a little like a mix of lamb and veal and has a very delicate texture.

Opening Camels Hump as we headed into the tourist season proved a roaring success.  Camels have featured in the Red Centre since the early settler days with camel tours still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Central Australia.

Painting up a Storm

Alice Springs is a place where you’ll find so many creatives – writers, poets, sculptors, and all that’s art and craft.  It was fun to be a part of that arty community.

My camel paintings drew considerable interest at the time and still do.  I still have my original restaurant pieces but will start putting together a set of new camels, larger and bolder style for my planned exhibition in 2018.  Check out my new (still being developed) Ann Owen art website for details of my upcoming exhibition.

I will be featuring my camels, emus and other Australiana critters alongside a selection of modern Australiana botanical style works.

Poets, prose and clever banter

Meredith Campbell wrote this ditty in a tongue in cheek fashion which was published in the Centralian Advocate ‘Letters to the Editor’ in 2008.  We were delighted and amused at her clever prose.  Thanks for the smiles Meredith.

With full credit to the creative and clever Meredith Campbell of Alice Springs.

There’s a new eating house that is called Camels Hump
Lack of apostrophes made us all jump
It sounds like the camels are having some fun
Before their prime sirloin is slapped in a bun
Those camels are frisky, of that I do stress
Dromedary union can be such a mess
Out in the desert they hump and they bump
But sadly the butcher has eyes on their rump
So, if you’re adventurous, head for the mall
Camels are humping, they’re having a ball
So get to that restaurant, soon if you’re able
Camels are humping, but not on your table!”

Sadly the restaurant is no more and I have moved on to new adventures, but I continue to paint and draw my inspiration from Alice Springs when I visit.  The colours of the country are rich and vibrant and I love to reflect that in my scenes from the Red Centre!

Keep watching out for my 2018 Exhibition!

Why don’t you come along!  I’d love to see you there!