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Australia is a stunningly beautiful place.

The vivid beautiful golden beaches contrasting with the stark beauty of the red outback desert country will take your breath away.

A visit to the Sydney Opera House, a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience to Uluru and a dive experience to the Great Barrier Reef will change your life forever.

Come visit us soon, we’d love to show you around.

Street Art Restaurants Laneway

Your ultimate City Guide to cosmopolitan Adelaide

Adelaide is an exciting cosmopolitan city. South Australia's capital enjoys a growing reputation as Australia's most cosmopolitan city.  The Adelaide ultimate city guide will take you...
Northern Territory sunset

Baby Boomers are flocking to the Northern Territory. Are you...

Baby Boomers thrive on “off the beaten track” discoveries. The Northern Territory of Australia is one of the most sought after destinations on Baby Boomers...
A bird watchers paradise - Jabiru at Fogg Dam

A Birdwatchers Paradise ! You’ll love this amazing wildlife habitat

The abundance of wildlife at Fogg Dam is extraordinary A birdwatchers paradise, Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve is a wildlife and bird habitat just a short...
Coober Pedy mines

15 unique and unusual places you must visit in Australia

Step off the beaten track and put some 'unique' into your life! Australia is full of unique and unusual places to visit.  They will transform a...
Lasseters lost gold reef Central Australia

The Legend of Lasseter’s lost gold reef

The legend of Lasseter's lost reef is one Australia's most enduring legends The legend of Lasseter's lost gold reef is one of Australia's most famous...
Atlantis Space Shuttle NASA

Are you checking your goals off your Bucket List?

What's on your Bucket List?  Are you ticking off your goals? Reflecting on our life, one rainy weekend Trevor and I put together a Bucket List...

Historical Hotel Darwin is a hit with foodies

We were lucky enough to be in the invite list for the inaugural #WeHeartNTfoodies event hosted by Penny & Brett at the Hotel Darwin. #WeHeartNTfoodies Our...
Sunset at beer o'clock

Spend Beer O’clock in Darwin’s best pubs

There's nothing more refreshing than a icy cold beer on a hot day ... and do you know what? Everyday is a hot day in Darwin!...
Coober Pedy

An Aussie Road Trip – Alice Springs to Adelaide

A road trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide is arguably the second best Aussie road trip ever! The Stuart Highway south from the Northern Territory into South Australia is one...
Little Miss Korea

Little Miss Korea – the new kid on the block

An adventurous award winning restaurant has turned up as the new kid on the block.  In the backstreets of Darwin city a modern funky...
Noosa Strade Bianche

Noosa Strade Bianche for Retro Bikes

The Noosa Strade Bianche pays homage to the ‘golden age’ of cycling - again! The Noosa Strade Bianche is an annual retro bike ride for steel...
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