What has a Fitbit got to do exercise, you ask?

The real question is ‘what is a Fitbit‘?  A recent heart-to-heart with my geekish son informed me that I needed to get a Fitbit.  My immediate, somewhat puzzled response was.  “Why?”

To which he replied with a lengthy techno babble type response about the wonders of the Fitbit’s capacity to track how much exercise I do, monitor my heart beats, track how well I sleep and the zillion other benefits that would miraculously come from this device.

Idly I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my chair wondering if it would pour me a glass of wine when I clicked my fingers.

Call me confused, but I wasn’t sure I needed a rubber band on my wrist calling the exercise shots!

To be fair I gave it some serious consideration.

As one does, I researched it.   Googled it.  Read the reviews on C-Net.  Googled it again and asked friends who had one (not many of them are Fitbit converts) … so I poured a glass of wine and pondered it some more before googling it again.

I took myself off to the super-store and asked a pimply faced salesperson in my best ‘I know nothing’ voice, “What is a Fitbit? and why do I need one?”

Same techno speak response as my geekish son, explaining nothing but containing all the buzzwords imaginable!  (‘Conspiracy Theory’ the movie, came to mind).

So I bought one!

Somewhat dubious I took it home.  I still wasn’t sure I needed a Fitbit.  I was less confident that it was going to be all that was proclaimed.

Why would I need a device to monitor my every move.  I figured that when I’ve walked far enough, I’ll sit down. No amount of buzzing or a supposed encouraging “it’s step o’clock” buzzing message is going to entice me to leap to my feet to take another step!

I poured myself a glass of wine and logged into my desktop computer to synchronise what I needed to synchronize to set up the device.  No technobabble at all .. it was easy!

The first step was to download an app for my smartphone and then attempt to customise the Fitbit to do what I needed it to do.  Not so simple, as I had no idea of what I wanted it to do for me but persistent me, pressed on!Alto Fitbit

The additional benefits were far from my thoughts when I bought the Fitbit but I took a deep breath, another sip of wine .. and began my new Fitbit journey.

Fitbit Steps

Tracking my steps has turned out to be the ultimate challenge.  I set my daily goal at 10,000  steps (I plucked the number out of the air) not wanting to be too ambitious.

It’s a great reminder at the office when I’ve been sitting for too long.  A gentle nudge encourages me to do a lap of the office, grab my photocopying off the copier and refill my glass of water before settling in for the afternoon sedentary stint.

It buzzes me throughout the day with little reminders such as “take me for a walk” or “it’s step o’clock” when I’ve been sitting too long, but even better it pats me on the back with a “You nailed it” when I hit one of the minor step goals.

I will admit to letting out a raucous belly laugh when I received my first “Penguin Award” (is someone watching me walk?)

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The SmartTrack (Exercise) part of the Fitbit automatically recognises continuous movement over 15 minutes in length.  You can walk, run, ride your bike, play sport and workout and this device will track it for you.  I’m impressed!

Great news for the new ‘healthier’ me (says I as I pour me a glass of celebratory wine).


I will confess, I’m fascinated that the Fitbit maps how I sleep each night.  I’m sure I need to know when I’m in deep sleep, my restless times and the number of times I wake during the night.  How ever did I survive not knowing this before?

When Hubby asks me how did I sleep, my now standard response is .. “just a second, I’ll sync and tell you”.

The best thing is the gentle non startling ‘wake up alarm’ vibration, waking you in a peaceful sleep cycle.  That, I like!


A gentle vibration will alert me to an incoming call and a quick flick of the wrist tells me who it is.  I love knowing who’s calling me.  Saves rummaging around in my handbag trying to find my phone wondering who was calling me.  I can call back at my leisure.

My calendar sends me a gentle reminder to get moving when I have an upcoming appointment which is great when I’m in a meeting so I don’t get caught out looking at my watch!

Fitbit Fashion

Always one step ahead, the Fitbit has fashion options!

Fashion bands are available for those who want to mix ‘n match their accessories.  Choose from pretty gold bands, silver titanium or the bright funky colours that are available.

No visible bling

One of the deciding factors when purchasing this device was as a ‘bling free’ watch for traveling.  Most of my watches are like bracelets so a black rubber wrist band blends in much better making me less of a target for muggers and opportunists.

Further to that, is that I feel trendy!

So all in all I’m moving more, spurred along by the gentle Fitbit buzz, I’ve nabbed a couple of Fitbit awards along the way (the Penguin Award, Sneakers and Boat shoe Badges).

I’m sleeping the same (but I’m happy to be monitored) and best of all … I know who’s calling me when my phone’s on silent!

Ain’t life grand!  Ohhh look, it’s wine o’clock!  

How do you use your fitbit?  Are there any other sneaky benefits I haven’t thought of yet?