How to Guides

How to Guides

Street Photographer

How to be a Great Street Photographer

What does it take to become a great street photographer? How to be a great street photographer?  Street photography is the art of capturing life,...
Australian campfire

How to take the Best Travel Photos

How to take the best travel photos on your next trip How to take the best travel photos.  Here's 20 of my favourite photography tips...
Penang Street Art

As a Photographer – Don’t be Average, Be Awesome

Don't be an average photographer, be awesome! As a photographer - learn how to go from average to awesome.   This simple guide will help you...
Taking stunning selfies - street photography

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Travel Photos of Yourself

10 Tips for taking stunning travel photos of yourself. Traveling is great fun, but the truth is most of our travel photos feature only one...
Ann at sunset

10 Tips to take Amazing Smart Phone Travel Photos

What camera will you take on your next holiday? Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a family holiday or traveling around the world, your Smart Phone...
Goa Gajah - Sony A6000

How to shoot awesome photos with a Sony A6000

Do you need a simple camera guide without all the techno mumbo-jumbo? Are you a budding photographer and want to take photos that you can...
Staycation sunset magic

10 Photos you MUST take for Top End Holiday Fun

Surely you're not going to visit the Top End and go home without any photos? Want some Top End holiday fun?  Here's our 10 best photos...
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