How to Guides

How to Guides

Urangutan - tips for better travel photos

How to Take Better Travel Photos

Do you dream of taking better travel photos Are your travel photos missing that wow factor?  Do you wish you could capture the perfect sunset,...
City Skyline - Shoot the Golden Hour

Creative Photography – Shoot the Golden Hour

Great photography is about being a creative photographer! Be a creative photographer.  Capture some of your best photography moments by shooting the golden hour when...

Instagram – the Social Media Obsession

Over 500 million people actively use Instagram, daily! Are you one of them? With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is hotter than Facebook...
Goa Gajah - Sony A6000

Beginners Manual for your Sony a6000

Shoot awesome photos with a Sony a6000 Are you a budding photographer who wants to take photos you can be proud of? Perhaps you're looking...
Essential Settings Guide - Sony A6000 & A6300

Essential Settings Guide for your Sony a6000

Essential Settings Guide for your Sony A6000 Sony’s most powerful mirrorless cameras are taking the world by storm.  Take your photography skills to the next...
Street Photographer

How to be a Great Street Photographer

What does it take to become a great street photographer? How to be a great street photographer?  Street photography is the art of capturing life,...
Penang Street Art

As a Photographer – Don’t be Average, Be Awesome

Don't be an average photographer, be awesome! As a photographer - learn how to go from average to awesome.   This simple guide will help you...
Ann at sunset

10 Tips to take Amazing Smart Phone Travel Photos

What camera will you take on your next holiday? Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a family holiday or traveling around the world, your Smart Phone...
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