7 Essential accessories for your Sony a6000

Take your photography to the next level with these 7 essential camera accessories for your Sony a6000.  Get ready for hassle-free photography on your next shoot.

It’s easy it is to get caught up in the hype of ‘must have’ shiny new things when purchasing camera accessories. Sony a6000

I recently bought a Sony A6000 so my obsession has begun!

From cases to straps, I want to share some of the best accessories I use every day for my Sony a6000.

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Check out these Camera Accessories

Essential Camera Accessories for your Sony a6000

Lenses for your Sony a6000

Sony created the E-mount lenses specifically for its mirrorless cameras.  If you’re looking for a good value lens that will make your Sony a6000 feel exactly as it’s intended, look no further than these.

If you’re looking for camera accessories to add to your kit, here are some of my favourite lens options for the Sony a6000.

Camera Bag

Finding the right camera bag is a big decision, not just any camera bag will do!

There are many camera bags on the market to choose from.  For your first camera bag, my best advice is to purchase a bag that is larger than you think you’ll need.

Once you start accumulating accessories for your camera, such as additional lenses and other photographic equipment your camera pack will expand.  There are always items you simply can’t live without.

Tripod, MonoPod & Selfie Sticks

Investing in a Tripod can be very useful if you want to shoot a landscape with yourself in the foreground.  Its also useful to hold your camera steady for long exposures or low light photography.

Have you considered a Monopod?  Mobility is great especially for action shots, they’re light weight and have a smaller ground footprint and simple to use.

Buy a good quality Tripod or Monopod that is lightweight (consider carbon fibre or aluminium) and ensure it fits easily into your backpack.

Purchasing a selfie-stick is great option for taking photos for social media.  Its also great  if you’re a solo traveler or if you want to include a human element into your photos.

Tip:  Opt for a Bluetooth release to automate your smart phone.

The Great Selfie Stick Fail

Beware of taking shots like this one taken in Central Park, New York by #favouritehubby

Selfie Stick Fail

Peak Design Wrist Strap

Peak Design is a brand making a name for themselves right now.  They are particularly good with accessories so have a look at the items I’ve showcased below.

I wasn’t comfortable with the shoulder strap that came with my Sony A6000 so found an alternative in this Peak Design wrist strap.  The wrist strap sits firmly on my wrist and best of all, doesn’t get in the way when shooting.

I can safely carry my camera safely in my hand, ever-ready for that unexpected shot that I might need to take, quickly.

Extra Memory Cards

Make sure you carry sufficient memory cards ensuring you have adequate disc space for your photography needs.  Cards either run out of space or fail.  Be prepared for either!

The cost of memory cards has dropped considerably over the last few years, so it’s worth carrying a few extra cards in you camera bag for peace-of-mind.

My preference is to use 64 bit cards however there are options – 32, 64 or 128 bit memory cards are available at reasonable dollars.

Spare Batteries

Camera battery technology has grown so much over recent years.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been caught out with my battery running out of charge.  I recommend you keep 2 spare batteries on hand – charged of course!

A certain peace-of-mind factor comes by knowing you have a spare battery on hand to wrap up the shoot of the day if your battery dies.  Invariably if you don’t carry an extra battery, you can bet your last dollar that you will miss the ‘photo of the day’!  It happens every time!

Lens Cleaner

Clean lenses are essential to good photography.  There are plenty of cleaning options available for cameras and lenses, I have found it useful to keep a selection of lens cleaning cloths on hand at all times.  I ensure I buy high-quality lens cloths with non-chemical additives to keep my lenses clean.

Another option worth buying is a good quality Lens Pen which is especially useful for removing dust and loose debris from lenses.

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Essential Camera Accessories for your Sony a6000

This is a basic list of some of the best accessories I’ve found that I trust.

If you’ve found something you really like that you feel like it will make shooting with the a6000 a better experience for other photographers, please let me know.

Many of these links are affiliate Amazon links. Ultimately, I want to make these lists the best, most complete lists of great accessories that make shopping for photographers a better experience.  But it all takes time and money so buying your next accessory though one of these links does help me keep up to date with technology.

I hope these tips for camera accessories are useful.  Carrying these essentials accessories with your camera will help prepare you for the unexpected.

My advice is to practice constantly.  It’s much simpler to examine your photos and delete ones that are blurry, off-angle or photo-bombed, so keep shooting.   There is nothing worse than taking only one photo and the expression is all wrong.  It’s often impossible to re-shoot.

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Essential Camera Accessories for your Sony a6000

Do you have some favourite camera accessories for your Sony a6000 that you always carry with you?   If so, I’d love to know more … please share in the comments below.