Nothing excites me more than traveling somewhere … anywhere!

Traveling is one of my life highlights.  This year we’ve had some extraordinary travel experiences in Australia, Indonesia, Canada, USA and the Caribbean – we’ve done so much yet there’s still so much to see!  Our goal is to do as much as we can within the time that we have available.  What a fantastic year of travel it has been for us.

Living in Darwin, at the top of Australia is like being on holidays for the most part anyway, so when we have an opportunity to take a break it’s often a difficult choice of where to go but it seems that for 2016 – we didn’t have any difficulties with choices at all!

Most of these holiday breaks have only been a few days away-
but it’s how we spend those few days that makes the difference!

Bali and Singapore just a short flight away from Darwin – pack and go!

Bali, Indonesia – 10 days

We started our year visiting Bali, visiting Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Ubud in February.

What an amazing country Indonesia is!  Bali has some of the most unique culture, exotic food, beautiful people and spectacular scenery worldwide and lucky us, it’s a short 2 hour flight from Darwin.

Travel highlights of an awesome year

Melbourne, Australia – 3 days

A quick trip to Melbourne in May – one of our favourite Australian cities to escape to for a weekend.  Good food and great ambience.  Melbourne always has a buzz of life about it and it’s always a good chance to catch up with friends and family.

Travel highlights of an awesome year - Melbourne city

Noosa, Australia – the Strade Bianche – 5 days

One of the most beautiful little towns in Australia, Noosa has it all!

Every year they hold the Noosa Strade Bianche (a bike ride for old blokes with old bikes).  It’s great fun, great atmosphere showcasing Queensland’s beautiful warm weather.

There’s lots to see and do for non cyclists so be sure to take advantage of this part of the world whenever you can.

Travel highlights of an awesome year - Noosa main beach


An Aussie Road-trip – 2 days

An Aussie road trip is always a great trip is always a great experience.

This drive is one of my favourites! I love the stretch of road between Alice Springs and Darwin.

The Masters Games are held in Alice Springs every second October so we take the opportunity to travel to Alice Springs whenever we can.

I love the wide open spaces and the extreme rich colours of the Northern Territory.  A road-trip is a great time to talk, listen to our favourite music and sometimes to enjoy the silence.

Travel highlights of an awesome year

Our whirlwind USA, Canada – 7 weeks

Just imagine traveling for 7 weeks

We planned well in advance for our December travels so that we experienced as much as we could. Each city gave us at least one ‘wow’ moment.

  • San Francisco – What an amazing place to visit.  I had never thought it would have such impact, but the Golden Gate Bridge literally took my breath away.  We loved the cable cars, Haight Ashbury Streets, Pier 39 and the fabulous seafood.  Check out the post.
  • Las Vegas – Vegas was a buzz of activity, street performers, shows, drinking and gambling.  We took a flight to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and then a heli tour into the Canyon.  The colours and the massive size of the Canyon was something we didn’t expect.  Extraordinary!
  • Niagara Falls – Niagara needs to be everyone’s bucket list!  Sunshine, snow, rain – the view is spectacular.  We also took the historical tour through the caverns beneath the falls which gave us a greater perspective.
  • New York City – So much to do in New York City and so many people at Christmas time!  Times Square, Central Park, we saw an Ice Hockey match at Madison Square Gardens, and were lucky enough to see a couple of Broadway shows.  Fabulous food, a ride around Central Park on a horse and carriage, braving the subway, Grand Central Station and much more.  All amazing!
  • Boston – the Boston Library, Cheers, visiting friends, the display of ice sculptures in Copley Square on New Year’s eve.

Travel highlights of an awesome year - New York City

Take a Caribbean Cruise – 7 days

A Caribbean cruise has long been on my ‘bucket list’ and this was the perfect opportunity to thaw out from our travels in Canada and New York.  We opted to travel with Celebrity Cruises on-board the Celebrity Equinox. A nice modern ship with onboard experts in ensuring their passengers had a great time.

Ports of call were Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico were a great tease for us as it has fired us up and we’re keen to re-visit each of the islands!

Check out our post – Take a Caribbean Cruise


USA Road trip – Key West in Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana

We picked up a car in Fort Lauderdale to start our road-trip across Florida.  Key West has been on the ‘bucket list ‘ so we started by heading south across the Florida Keys.  The drive scenic, 260 kilometres of bridges and causeways through each of the keys until the very southern most point – Key West.

Such a small island but so much to do.

Travel highlights of an awesome year

  • The colourful history of Key West in it’s hey day.
  • The pirate industry – Shipwrecks and treasure hunters.
  • Hemmingway House – one of our favourite visits.  It has now inspired me to re-read all of Hemmingway’s books again.
  • Harry Truman’s House – knowing little of the US presidential history, it was interesting to learn of Truman’s time as President and the impact he had on the people of America.

Kennedy Space Center

NASA had scheduled a launch during our time in Florida so we were very excited to put this on the ‘must do’ list.  Disappointed when the launch was postponed but the Kennedy Space Center turned out to be one of the most interesting places we visited!

  • Lunch with astronaut Marcos Pontas who was the first Brazillian astronaut to join the US Space program was one of the features of this visit.  What an extraordinary personal journey and such a humble man.
  • The KSC showcased the Saturn V, Apollo Missions and Heros and Legends and a number of other features – a great place to inspire kids (big and small).

A ‘must see’ couple of days!


New Orleans

One of the most vibrant cities of our travels!

New Orleans is exciting, vibrant and full of interest.  A great music scene, street performers, fabulous food and historical sites.  There is a vibe in ‘Nawlins’ like nowhere else!  Another city we will return to!

What an amazing year it’s been for us now that we look back!  More posts coming soon so subscribe to our blog to see what we’ve been up to.

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Some of these trips have taken us just a few days, but we’ve packed an enormous holiday into those few days!  Our secret is to plan well, travel and enjoy life wherever you are and – make the most of every moment!