Travel Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Mt Agung - erupting volcanoIt’s the final countdown to your next big adventure…

You’ve got your passport, tickets and itinerary tucked safely into your carry-on. You’ve triple-checked your list but isn’t there something you’ve forgotten?  Travel insurance is one of the most important things you need when travelling! 

Sometimes the unexpected does happen!

A recent trip to Bali left us stranded and at the whim of an erupting Mt Agung with all flights to and from Bali cancelled.  Over 90,000 international travelers were displaced by the interruptions leading to flight and accommodation issues for us all.  In short; chaos!

That’s where travel insurance can minimize the stress, or at least defray some of the costs.

Travel insurance is not only about medical insurance.  It also covers you when you lose your camera, someone steals your laptop, your luggage gets lost or if your flight is cancelled … or even if (your worst nightmare) a family crisis occurs whilst you’re away and you need to head home in a hurry.

It is the single most important thing you should purchase before you travel!  It usually costs just a few dollars a day but it should be an essential part of your travel plans, and hope you never need to use it!  Peace of mind!

My top 9 reasons to get travel insurance before your next trip

Get reimbursed for 

  • Medical emergencies
  • Loss, theft or damage of luggage
  • Medical evacuations
  • Trip cancellations, delays or interruption

Other reasons why you need insurance

  • Enjoy peace of mind while traveling
  • Claim online
  • Call 24 hour phone support
  • It costs a fraction of your total trip
  • You probably can’t afford NOT to be insured

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