Accommodation is one of the biggest costs travelers have!

How to book the best accommodation for your travel.  No matter what your tastes may be, value for money is what we all look for when booking travel accommodation.

Whether you’re traveling light or traveling with your family, don’t be tempted to stay in the same type of accommodation each trip.  Mix it up a little!  Put some adventure into your accommodation choices!

The best accommodation is the one that fits your mood.

One of the best ways to cut holiday costs is to reduce the cost of accommodation essentially shaving a lot of money off the overall cost of your trip.

Luckily, there are a number of options travelers can find reasonable accommodation without blowing the entire holiday budget.  Here’s some tips to get great value for your money!

Know what you’re looking for

How to book the best Accommodation when booking TravelMy choice of accommodation usually depends on the kind of trip I’m doing. Consider what you want out of your holiday.   Do you want to meet people?  Then perhaps a hostel would suit you best.  Sometimes I just want to crash after a hectic day at a conference or sometimes a nice homely place providing a personal touch might suit me best so I’ll choose to book a Bed & Breakfast or an Airbnb.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book accommodation

Don’t wait until the last minute and don’t expect a bargain if you do!  If you want something nice or in a good location, be sure to plan well ahead so that you’re sure to get accommodation you’re happy with.

Don’t pay full price

Check out or download the apps for Hotwire or Hotel Tonight to get a great deal at brand name hotels. I always look at them before I book anything!

I particularly love the ‘surprise hotel stay’ option on Wotif which often gives us a mega deal on top-notch accommodation.

Turn points into free hotel rooms

Use your travel points to access FREE accommodation! To get free hotel rooms, check out how to hack travel, collect points and save on your next holiday!  Check out the deals offered by your credit card, you may be surprised!

Location Location Location

How to book the best Accommodation when booking Travel

Always check the location of your hotel before you lock in the booking.  I’ve taken cheap accommodation near the airport only to discover it was a $50 taxi fare to the city.  Don’t make the same mistake, book close to where you want to be.

Other Accommodation Options

Have you ever tried AirBnB accommodation?  AirBnB connects with homeowners who rent out their homes, rooms or apartments offering accommodation at great rates.  It’s an opportunity to meet locals, and pay considerably less than the cost of a hotel room.  Most include access to a kitchen allowing you to save on food costs too!   For more information connect to the AirBnB website.

Consider house-sitting

If you plan to staying somewhere for a month or more, consider House sitting.   Its an opportunity to look after people’s homes and sometimes their pets, while they’re off traveling the world.  It’s important to plan ahead if you want to take a house-sitting role as accommodation and availability vary greatly.  Check out Trusted Housesitters website for more information.

Explore and be a little adventurous when choosing your next place to stay!  It’s like buying off the rack or getting a tailored fit.  Once size definitely does not fit all.

Read our post on What makes a good hotel great and consider these with your next accommodation choice.

Finding accommodation that suits your travel needs will have the biggest impact on your holiday costs. Some of my best holiday adventures have been when my accommodation has suited my needs the best!
Have you got a holiday accommodation experience you want to share?