10 Tips for Candid Street Photography

10 tips for candid street photography Candid street photography is the art of taking a photos on the street without the subject realizing you're taking...

Do you dream of Christmas in Australia

Christmas is white and pristine - isn't it? Not in Australia!  Christmas in Australia starts with steamy hot summer days, good food, good wine and great company and chilling out...

Top Things to do in Darwin, Australia

Things to see & do when visiting Darwin As the gateway to the Top End, Darwin boasts the best lifestyle in Australia. This vibrant tropical city is influenced by spectacular...

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge Doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb has been one of my dream adventures for the longest time.  One of only 3 climbable bridges world wide,...


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Take a Camel Tour with Mr Personality

Take a camel tour with Mr Personality Take a Camel Tour with Mr Personality and experience the true beauty of the Red Centre as you...


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