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Hi, I'm Ann Owen ... I'm a corporate escapee turned full-time travel writer and the energy behind the Aussie Mob Travel Blog. Travelling with my husband Trevor, we try to get away as often as we can.

A couple of Aussies from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Most of our posts feature our travels in this awesome country, but we do sneak off to other places from time to time.

If you’re like us, you’ve earned the right to spoil yourself a little. You’re over 50 (or sneaking up on it). You’ve worked hard all your life, have a small nest egg stashed away for that rainy day and now that the kids have left home, you have time!

"Our purpose is to connect with one another, share pivotal moments and travel forever"

Come with us on the journey!

Who are we?

We love our creature comforts so our adventures often feature a touch of luxury and almost always include unusual and ‘off the beaten track’ destinations. You are likely to find us glamping in the Australian outback, taking a romantic winter holiday at Niagara Falls, cruising the Caribbean islands or sipping cocktails overlooking the Singapore skyline as the sun goes down.

Many of our travels become narratives, essays and photographic stories for the Aussie Mob blog enabling you to cherry-pick some of the best adventures in Australia and in fact, around the world to inspire your own adventures.

We actually get it

We understand how you want to travel and the travel experiences you are looking for.

We will give you the important information to enable you to make your decision to go. For example; How far is it to walk to the city centre? What local tours or shore excursions are good value? Which cafe's, restaurants and bars nearby should you try? Do they offer spa treatments at the hotel? ... and so much more.

Like a breath of fresh air

We know that you’ve probably already seen a bit of the world so we offer a fresh approach with unique new experiences, and will almost always try to include a luxury option for you to consider.

We look for authentic experiences in unspoiled locations and are often intrigued by ‘off the beaten track’ locations and unique wildlife experiences for those take-away memories. We will inspire you to look beyond the tour brochure to consider new destinations and experiences you may not have thought of before.

We'll share stories flavoured with adventure, touching on culture, history, nature and wildlife whenever we can. Our travel experiences will inspire unforgettable road trips, train journeys with a difference, exotic sailing adventures, relaxing cruises and useful travel and photography tips to make your travels even more memorable.

Intrigued? Get comfy. Settle in and enjoy our website.

Inspiration for an Australian adventure

Dive in and discover some of our favourite experiences. Our stories will invite you to step out of your comfort zone, experience the not so predictable and ultimately take you on some amazing adventures.

Itineraries to get the most out of your next trip

Not sure where to go? We've taken all the hard work out of planning your next trip. Simple short stays to suit even the most particular traveller. Take one or add a few together to get the most out of your next adventure.

Want to improve your photography?

Now is the perfect time to ramp up your photography skills. Learn the simple tricks and tips that will take your photography to the next level and boost your wow factor when you next travel.

Be a part of the Community

Aussie Mob updates frequently, so we've adopted a number of ways to keep you up-to-date with everything.

By subscribing to our Newsletter and/or social media channels you will get a snapshot of our travels and adventures along the way. Each of these mediums is updated with different content and you will find be sure to find something to suit. Our newsletter is published every 6 weeks or so containing a range of information including travel updates, links to fun activities, relevant current events and our top travel tips.

I try to answer every email or message as quickly as possible, so if there's something you want to ask, or you have information to share please drop me a note. We love to hear from our readers!

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