Fun photoshoot ideas for your next trip

Want to have some fun on your next trip away?  Do you want to take home some brag photos?  Have some fun on your next adventure with our 10 fun photoshoot ideas.

Taking photos is my passion but I love to include a few fun photos to ramp it up a little and add interest and variety.  Try to personalise your gallery by humanising your photoshoot.  Add those crazy snapshots that you randomly snapped and collect a couple of corny shots for your photo album.

It’s great to have a collection of photos to take home as ‘brag’ shots for envious friends and family.

Have fun with our 10 fun photoshoot ideas

#1  Take a predator selfie

Take a selfie with a ‘mean looking’ crocodile or at least a close up pic!

Kakadu National Park

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#2  Cheers Mate

Enjoy a cold beer and post a photo to make all your mates jealous!

A beer in Mitchell Street

#3  #Gonefishing #wishyouwerehere

Activate the green monster by Instagramming your successful fishing trip – Don’t forget the hashtag!

Gone Fishing

#4  Show us your Thongs

Flashing can be fun.  Make sure they’re stylish and of the footwear kind!

Thongs - summer holiday

#5  “Oh what a feeling” to be on holidays

Every holiday should include this photo to send home!

Jump for Joy

#6  Somewhere up there

Get airborne – take a flight on a plane or helicopter for a spectacular view and take home an incredible memory.


#7  A spectacular sunset

No holiday would be complete without a magnificent sunset photo.

Darwin sunset

#8  Messages in the sand

Grab a stick to carve out your ‘hello, it’s me‘ message to let everyone know you’re having an awesome time.Leave a message in the sand

#9  The obligatory tourist shot

Add a classic Hawaiian shirt, thongs and crazy pose.  It has ‘I’m on vacation’ written all over it.Jump

#10 I’m Chilled

There’s nothing that says ‘I’m chilled’ as when you’re caught napping.

and ... relax!

Get Social

Holidays are the perfect time to start up a social media account so don’t worry if you haven’t got an account yet, they’re easy!   Social media is great for sharing photos and quick little messages to family and friends.

The most popular social media options are FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram but there are many more to try.  Try them to see which one you’re most comfortable with.  Have some fun taking your first photos to share.

Pin these fun photoshoot ideas for later

Fun Photoshoot Ideas f

My Aussie Mob Instagram account was set up as a bit of fun but if you haven’t seen my Instagram account be sure to follow me.

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Have you got a selection of holiday poses that you shoot when you’re away on a trip?  What shots do you love to take for Instagram or Facebook?  Care to share your tips and tricks with us below?

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