Best Australian Wines under $30 a bottle

Are you looking for our best Australian wines under $30 a bottle?  Its not unusual to be confronted by choice.  Make life easier for yourself and choose from our list of Australian wines under $30 a bottle.

Australian wineries are producing a growing number of excellent table wines at affordable prices.  But, the real question is … how do you choose?

To help you select quality wines that aren’t going to break the bank we’ve put together a selection of the best 15 Australian wines.  These wine choices are available at popular restaurants and most wine cellars throughout Australia.

 Be adventurous, try a wine which you haven’t tried before.

Wine tasting in the Barossa ValleyAustralian wines

Australia is a young country by international wine standards with Australian wineries dating back to the early 1800’s.  Vineyards were often planted by early settlers who had brought vine stock with them to Australia.

Today, Australia grows over 100 different grape varieties in 65 wine regions each with unique topography, geography, climate and soils.

Most wine production in Australia is around the south east and south west of the country.  The north of Australia is too tropical and the centre too hot and dry.  The areas which grapes thrive best are in the cool to warm Mediterranean style climates.

There are over 100 different grape varieties in Australia including many of the most popular Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Semillon, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache and Pinot Noir.

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Our Best Australian wines under $30 a bottle

Australian wines


  1. Grant Burge – Pinot Noir Chardonnay – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    Exceptional sparkling wine with an appealing strawberry, citrus and honey flavours. Richly flavoured with a beautiful crisp finish – RRP $26 bottle
  2. Blue Pyrenees Midnight Curvee – Pinor Noir Chardonay – Pyrenees region in Victoria  
    Sparkling chardonnay with a nose of green apples and citrus.  Crisp and lively with flavours in the lemon and lime spectrum.  A very classy fizz – RRP $ 30 bottle

White wines

  1. West Cape Howe – Semillon Sauvignon Blanc – Great Southern Region, Western Australia
    Bright and aromatic bouquet with a mix of gooseberry and citrus aromas – perfect with chicken and seafood dishes – RRP $16
  2. Houghton’s Classic Dry White – Sauvignon Blanc – Swan Valley, Western Australia
    A blend of aromatic white varieties, one of the most popular wine across Australia.  Crisp and refreshing bouquet – Creamy pastas – RRP $9
  3. De Bortoli La Boheme Act III – Pinot Gris – Yarra Valley in Victoria
    Refined, dry palate with green apple and mandarin.  Gently aromatic enjoyable crisp wine –  Great for seafood, curries and Thai dishes-  RRP $19

Rose style wines

  1. Kellermeister Alicante Bouchet – Rose – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    An exotic and unique red-fleshed grape.   Fresh ripe berries with a hint of sweet spice.  Perfect with seafood or piquant salads.  RRP $15
  2. Bonking Frog Summer Merlot – Merlot style Rose – Margaret River, Western Australia
    Versatile and food friendly wine style. Combination of balanced fruit and acidity to enjoy with Asian and Mediteranean dishes – RRP $22
  3. Chain of ponds – Bird in Hand – Rose – Adelaide Hills, South Australia
    Strong honeysuckle Fresh and lively with strawberry flavours. Great to serve with curries, seafood and pasta dishes – RRP $19
  4. Chaffey Bros Not your Grandma’s Rose – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    Strawberry, musk and turkish delight aromas.  Great with all foods, seafood and prawns, chicken and charcuterie.  Crisp natural acidity with lingering spices on the palate. Delicious accompaniment to seafood, chicken and lamb dishes – RRP – $22

Red wines

  1. Tim Adams The Fergus – Clare Valley, South Australia
    A rich and unusual blend of Grenache and cabernet France from the Clare Valley with a bouquet of ripe cherries and plums.  Spicy fruit flavours and soft tannins.  Perfect for BBQ, casseroles and lamb dishes – RRP $23
  2. Jim Barry’s Cover Drive – Clare Valley & Coonawarra in South Australia
    A rich and vibrant Clare Valley Cab Sav with all the mocha and chocolate characters you can expect from this region.  A favourite with hearty casseroles, BBQs and roast beef –   RRP – $18
  3. St Hallett Faith Shiraz – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    An impressive purple crimson colour. A spicy medium-bodied to full-bodied with black fruits with blackberry and raspberry fruit flavours – Perfect with BBQ Ribs – RRP – $15
  4. Pepperjack Shiraz – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    A deep coloured shiraz with spicy cocoa flavours and underlying dark plums and blackcurrant fruits.  Holds true to a fine steak – RRP – $25

Looking for something a little different to finish?

  1. Bethany Old Quarry Fronti – White Port – Barossa Valley in South Australia
    A blend of aged white wines.  Fortified with brandy spirits, this deep golden wine displays a rich, fragrant orange marmalade and hints of honey and treacle. Perfect to end a fine dinner with figs, hard cheeses and quince japonica – Sip and enjoy.  RRP $25
  2. Penfolds Club Reserve Classic Tawney Port – Port – Barossa Valley, South Australia
    An underrated port which is a fine drop to finish off a beautiful meal.  Complex toffee, mixed spice and dried fig flavours – RRP $15

Whilst we’ve listed an approximate recommended retail prices, please remember these prices are just a guide.  Prices may vary and will likely be higher in restaurants.  

15 of our Best Australian wines under $30 a bottle.  Pin this list for later.

Best Australian Wines

Australia is famous for its fresh, fruity red and white table wines.  We hope you enjoy our suggestions and we’d love to know your thoughts as you enjoy the differing styles.

We have a number of posts relating to the wine regions of Australia.  Read more here.

Enjoy our pre-selection of 15 of the Best Australian wines under $30 a bottle and let me know your favourites below.


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