Every day is a beer day in Darwin pubs

There’s nothing more refreshing than a icy cold beer on a hot day … and do you know what?   It’s always hot in the Territory so follow us around or the scoop on the best pubs in Darwin.

When you’re visiting the Northern Territory, you may need a few tips to get you through a visit to one of the local pubs.  Territorians are known as experts when it comes to beer so let me show you some of our favourite pubs in Darwin!

Fosters is the beer with most fame however, if the truth were known you won’t catch any fair dinkum Aussie drinking Fosters!

Surprisingly, Australian beer sales have traditionally poked fun at Aussies and our weird sense of humor.

How to order a beer at the bar

Surprisingly, there is etiquette when it comes to ordering a beer in Australia.   There is a knack to putting your order in … correctly.

It pays to know the rules.  Ordering a beer is easy, but shouting is quite another thing.

‘Shouting’, is peculiarly Australian.

Do not be the person who suddenly has to go to the loo when it is their shout. This is very bad form.  Take your turn!

Buying a round of drinks for people you’re drinking with, is called ‘a shout‘.

If you’re with friends at the pub, each person takes their turn to buy a round of drinks, or shout.  When it’s your turn, you say ‘my shout‘ and go order the beers from the bar.  Taking your turn to shout a round of drinks is expected when you are out with mates.

If you’re new to the Territory, here’s a little tip.   The size of the glass is all important when ordering your beer at the bar.

  • The Schooner – 425 ml of ice cold beer
  • The Pint – 570 ml – a giant beer and the most popular beer size to order

The etiquette of shouting

Australians love their beer, but did you know there is a beer drinkers etiquette you should be mindful of?

  • Never accept a beer if you do not intend to shout by return.
  • The order of the shout is determined by each person volunteering that it is his or her shout.  Other members of the shout should not have to remind others of their turn.
  • It is unacceptable to accept a beer in a shout and then just buy a beer for yourself when it’s your turn to shout.
  • Equally, it is not cool to go home before you’ve had your turn to shout.
  • Knocking over someone’s beer will only be forgiven if you replace the spilt beer immediately and acknowledge your clumsiness.
  • When a person wishes to stop drinking he or she should wait until after they have shouted, or alternatively, order a non-alcoholic beverage as a substitute.  It is about equality within the group.
  • These rules are gender neutral.

Best Pubs in Darwin to go for Beer O’Clock

The range of popular beers ‘on tap’ is growing in the pubs around town!  Most pubs and bars in Darwin provide a range of different craft beers ‘on tap’.

The Cavenagh Hotel

A great place to meet friends, 12 icy cold beers on tap, a good selection of wines and great cocktails!  Stay for a few drinks and try out the food menu at the Cav – my advice is to make sure you try the Nam Jim oyster shots – to die for!

Locals consider the Cav has the best steaks in town!  You will find ‘the Cav‘ in Cavenagh Street.

Six Tanks Brew Company

Six Tanks

Six Tanks also offers a variety of hand-crafted, traditional craft beers complemented with a selection of high-end boutique wines and spirits unique to Darwin. To compliment, choose from a variety of tapas, wood-fired pizzas and hand-crafted mains.

Located in Mitchell Street, Six Tanks is something different for the locals of Darwin!

The Precinct

The Craft Beer Bar boasts an extensive range of over 46 Local, Premium and Imported beers and ciders on tap.

The Craft Beer Bar is relaxed and a casual place for a bite to eat or head outside into the outdoor bar, in front of the Darwin Wave pool. Enjoy a diverse range of 46 craft beers and cider, and a selection of popular cocktails and wines.

You will find the Precinct down by the Wave Pool at the Waterfront.

Monsoons Bar

Monsoons Beer OClock

Right in downtown Mitchell Street, Monsoons is a great open air pub to do some serious people watching.

The alfresco dining area sports a great menu with tapas, burgers and steak.  Monsoons offers a wide selection of beers and wines and has entertainment 7 nights a week.


Located in Darwin’s premier tourist strip, Mitchell Street.

Wisdom is known as the ‘live music and party bar’.   A great food menu with plenty of choice, a great selection of cocktails, beers and wines and entertainment.  Rumoured to have been once a dentist surgery, Wisdom is an award winning pub!

The Tap Bar

Darwin's 10 best pubsA popular open air pub in Mitchell Street with a gnarly old fig tree right in the middle of the beer garden.

Great atmosphere, a good selection of icy cold beers and an ‘all round’ menu for snacks, lunch and dinner.  The Tap Bar is a popular place to meet friends.

The Deck Bar

Offering over 80 varieties of beer, this outdoor bar is one of the popular venues in Darwin city.  Situated at the ‘top of the town’, the Deck Bar is open 7 days a week.

The Deck Bar has a great dinner menu and for something light, tapas and bar snacks are available too.

Shenanigans Pub

An Aussie style Irish Pub, Shenanigans is a very popular pub with the ‘in crowd’ of Darwin.

A huge range of beers on tap, live music and good selection of food to ward off the munchies.  Always pumping, this pub is a busy little venue.  Drop in and check it out!

Hotel Darwin


Hotel Darwin is one of the original hotels of Darwin which survived the bombing of Darwin and Cyclone Tracy.

Once known as the ‘Raffles’ of Darwin, this icon of Darwin serves a good selection of tap and bottle beers – both imported and Australian.  A good place to chill out with an icy cold beer away from the hustle and bustle in the Mitchell Street strip.

Lizards Bar & Restaurant

Lizards Bar is where locals go to catch up with mates for a drink or to enjoy a great pub meal.   It’s where tourists and visitors come to meet the locals.  The restaurant offers good pub fare and the restaurant has a wider selection of dining options.

Located at the corner of Mitchell & Daly Street this Darwin pub is a good place to relax with friends.

So there you have it!  Now you know how to find some of the best pubs in Darwin!

Darwin is known for its relaxed lifestyle, but there are a few local activities that will put a smile on your face.

There are many more ‘watering holes’ to put on this list.  Keep exploring, enjoy the atmosphere, and take the opportunity to meet up with some of Darwin’s locals.

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Plan your visit to get the most out of Darwin city.

Cheers mate

Have you ever done a ‘pub crawl’ in Darwin?  It is thirsty work, but it can be a whole heap of fun to have a day out on the town!  We’d love you to tell us about your pub experience!

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