Do you take your coffee seriously?

There are coffee shops all over the country, but ask any serious coffee snob for directions to their favorite coffee spot and you are in for a treat!

Snobs really do come in all shapes and sizes but no snob is more outrageously self-righteous than a coffee snob.

So, how do you know if you really are a coffee snob?

Here’s 10 clues for you.

  1. You have a regular coffee bar, and a regular barista.
  2. You’ve attended cuppings.
  3. You own your own cupping spoon.
  4. You cringe at the thought of putting milk in brewed coffee.
  5. You are so over latte art.
  6. You won’t set foot in a Starbucks.
  7. You travel with your own coffee supplies. 
  8. Brewing your morning cup doesn’t involve a coffeemaker.
  9. You read coffee blogs.
  10. You are suspicious of unsubstantiated claims of coffee snobbery.

Beans, Beans and more coffee beans

Australia’s coffee culture

Australian coffee culture is one of the most advanced in the world. Australians care about the quality and the taste of the coffee, but more importantly, it’s a way of life, not just fuel to get you through the day.

Australian’s love affair with coffee started in Melbourne with the arrival of Italian and Greek immigrants. Coffee culture in Australia is a big thing and getting bigger.  It’s not just about espressos and flat whites, but also siphon and cold-drip coffee styles. Loving coffee is one thing, but there are many of us who are prepared to pay a little bit more to ensure it’s super amazing or walk a bit further to get to our favorite café.

Australians are social creatures and many conversations start with “Hey mate, how are you going?  Want to grab a cup of coffee?”

Above all, Aussies tend to gravitate to places where they feel comfortable. In most popular coffee shops, baristas get to know their regular customers often engaging them in light chit-chat essentially growing the relationship.

Sometimes for no other reason than you just want to hangout in a nice warm place and read the newspaper or your favourite blog post.  Don’t forget to share a photo on social media as a ‘thankyou’.

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Coffee Shop Etiquette

Coffee Culture

Whether you live in a big city, a small town, or somewhere in between, you probably have at least one favourite coffee shop near your home and office but it’s important to mindful of coffee shop etiquette.

Sometimes people forget their manners in coffee shops so here’s a few tips.

When you visit a coffee shop, you need to be mindful of others and show respect for sharing their space. Here are some tips on what to do, or not do:

Share your workspace

Be respectful of the coffee shop you’re visiting.  Remember that tables in a coffee shop are for paying customers, so make a purchase before you get too comfortable.  Share the love.

Don’t spread out

If you are on your own, choose a small table so couples or groups will have the space they need. Most coffee shops are usually fine with you using their premises as a work space.

Don’t hog the chairs

If you have an extra chair at your table, make sure you offer it to someone who needs it. Chairs are for customers, not your printer or laptop case.

Tidy up your spot, don’t be messy

Before you leave, clean up after yourself. Don’t leave a mess of paper scraps or wrappers behind.  Appreciate that you’ve had the luxury of using their space.

Be careful when charging your equipment

It’s best to charge your laptop before you go to the coffee shop.  If you must charge your device, find a spot near the outlet so you don’t have to stretch the cord across the floor.

Be friendly

You don’t have to become best friends with the person at the next table, but be courteous, smile and offer a friendly greeting. It doesn’t cost anything to be pleasant.

Don’t ask someone to watch your stuff

If you have to get up and use the bathroom, don’t ask someone to watch your stuff. If you have to leave the coffee shop, gather up your belongings and take them with you.

Be mindful of others

If you want to listen to music, wear headphones or ear buds. If you’re conducting an interview for a job, keep your voices low so not to intrude on others space.  Speak at a normal conversational level.

Treat yourself to a well-crafted coffee and pin this for later.

Are you a coffee snob?

Over 95% of cafes in Australia are independently owned, which means almost every café enjoys their own uniqueness and personality. Clearly the key to the success of Aussie cafe culture.  Enjoy. 

Have you got a favourite coffee establishment that you want to tell us about?

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