Street-art is something that captures the imagination of those of us who pass by.

Darwin’s Street-Art Festival is a happening thing!  It’s breathed life into Darwin City and people are talking about the vibe that it brings.

Darwin Street Art FestivalOther towns are talking about bringing similar opportunities into their towns too – we’ve set the bar high!

From 19th to the 29th
of October this year,
Darwin city streets were getting a make-over!

The greatest compliment for an artist is the look on the faces of the people passing by.  Their eyes focused upward, faces featuring a broad smile and their hand extended pointing and drawing attention to the art work.

This is what was happening around Darwin recently as people watch these magnificent art installations change our landscape!  Step out and visit the city, wander through the streets and laneways to see what these clever streetscapers have achieved in just a few short weeks!

National and local artists are working together to create large scale works on some of Darwin’s most well-known buildings.

Showcasing the early days of the festival as the artists began their works, with many works yet to be completed.  Follow us for updates as we keep you up to date with the art as they come to life.

Check out our latest photos

For more information go to Darwin Street Art Festival.

It’s a spectacular project for Darwin, so very exciting and is totally re-facing the city!  Have you taken the street walk yet?  Tell us what you think!

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