Their banner says it all – It’s not a zoo, it’s a Safari !

The zoo is for big kids too!  Bali Safari & Marine Park has done so much work to replicate the animals natural habitats.

I was very keen to visit the Bali Safari & Marine Park … but to be honest, not for the usual reasons.  The truth is I had a new lens for my camera and I was desperate to try it out!

This is not your average zoo!  Unobstructed views of the animals separated by glass or water barriers, this park is a great example of a modern zoo with conservation and animal protection as one of its primary goals.

Bringing to life many of the age-old legends around man and animals this 40 hectare conservation park, showcases stories of man-eating lions from Kenya, majestic white tigers of India and tales of other unique human and animal legends.

Brightly coloured macaws perched on posts watched intently as we walked past turning their heads sideways (as only birds do) to watch us more closely.

Featuring Conservation and the Animals

The animal educational show was a short educational presentation about the different animals in the park with a strong message around the need for conservation and habitat preservation.  Loaded with facts and interesting information about the animals in the zoo, it’s a great place to start your tour.

We then moved on to the tigers!  There is a significant role in Balinese history and mythology of the now extinct Balinese Tiger.

The first display offered a beautiful Indian white tiger lazing around it’s garden enclosure at the Ranthambore, a recreation of an Indian palace with an opportunity to watch the tigers feeding.

Harimau Show in the Amphitheater featured rare Sumatran Tigers which are on the critically endangered list.  These incredible tigers demonstrated their native skills at play, hunting, climbing and swimming but there was not one moment that I doubted that any one of these tigers could leap over the barriers and make lunch of the tourists!

Sumatran Tiger at the Bali Safari & Marine Park

The Elephant Show

The Elephant show at Kampung Gajah (Gajah translates to Elephant in Indonesian) gave a great show by Sumatran elephants demonstrating the importance of harmony between nature and mankind in a pantomime for the public.

Sumatran elephants have a number of differing features from their African cousins such as a small stature, smaller ears and differing number of toenails.  In addition, the female Sumatran elephants have very short tusks whilst African females tusks grow long.

The Elephant Museum and the Elephant bathing and feeding were also popular activities.

Enjoy the Lion Lunch Experience

Lunch at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant was delicious.  Huge plate glass windows separated our group from the pride of lions lazing on a rocky citadel.  The lions looked quite disinterested so I could only presume it was one-way vision.

My favourite was the Meerkat sitting as century guard at the restaurant window!

Bali Agung Show:  Bali Agung is a journey through a magical theatrical performance that highlights the rich culture and traditions of Bali.  It recounts the tragic and heroic legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang Ching Wie.

There were many other exhibits featuring rare birds, piranhas and South American iguanas.


Other Zoo Options

There are many other options to choose from to ensure you have a zoo adventure that meets your wildest dreams.  Choose any or all of these too enhance your experience.

Safari Journey:  We booked a Safari Journey as one of our zoo options which took us through habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa featuring animals native to these regions.  This tour presented us with up close and personal encounters with ostriches, giraffes, zebras, lions, antelope, rhinoceros, and hippos in realistic settings.  I particularly enjoyed the safari experience and would have liked a longer time than allocated.

Elephant Back Safari:  This experience offers Safari tours on an elephant’s back.  Taking you on a journey around an African themed setting as you enjoy the opportunity of interacting with a number of other African animals.

Sumatran Elephants

One of the most interesting things I learned was how many of these animals were high on the extinction lists.

A 4×4 Safari:  Why not take a Safari tour through the three open enclosures that are home to the wild animals of Africa, India and indonesia in the comfort of one of the air-conditioned trams or join a Land Rover 4×4 journey to experience a true safari.

Breakfast with Lions:  Join the pride of lions and enjoy your breakfast with friends or family through the full-length glass windows surrounding the restaurant.

Mara River Safari Lodge:  For something different – consider staying at the Mara River Safari Lodge!  This lodge has been inspired by the African landscape and is an intimate hideaway tucked away into the hills of the Bali Safari & Marine Park.  It offers an unforgettable experience to interact and feed exotic and endangered animals directly from your room.

I love visiting modern and innovative zoos!  Today’s zoos are so different from zoos when I was a child.  Featuring animals in such a way that the animals remain clearly visible and their habitats remain similar to their natural environment.

What do you look for when you visit a zoo?  Have you been to the Bali Safari & Marine Park yet?  What experience did you like the most?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment in the comments below.

If you like it, put a pin on it … Bali safari & wildlife Park is for big kids too

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