Best selfie poses without feeling awkward

How to pose for the perfect selfie without looking awkward is a great skill for today’s changing media trends.  After years of feeling awkward in front of the camera, I’ve put together a list of the best selfie poses without feeling awkward.

The trick is to have fun with your photography as you learn how to pose best for the perfect selfie.   Take that awesome photo without feeling awkward.

Go through our list of poses and learn how to take the perfect selfie.

How to create the Best Selfie Poses

Add the human factor

Little people in the distance

When comparing a landscape photo with nobody in it to one with a human in the distance, it creates a whole different viewpoint.

Set up a tripod, get the remote ready, set up the timer or sync it with your phone and leap into your photo.  Borrow a small human in the distance to add depth, perspective and a human point of interest to your image.

Look somewhere else

Face your view

This is a classic Instagram shot.  It’s a great pose to take up while looking at a gorgeous view.  Face away from the camera and look towards your view.  Change it up by adding #followme stretching your hand out behind you.

This pose is a great enticement to make others feel like they are there with you.

Move, rock and roll

Jump for Joy

To get over the awkwardness of taking my own photo I sometimes add movement.

Walk forward, then back, or just pivot between your feet to simulate walking.  Twirl, dance, or throw my hands up, jump in the air.  Dancing and movement in a photo can convey energy, and helps remove stiffness in my pose.  It makes the photo so much more fun.

Put your camera on burst mode and start moving to create the best selfie poses!

Use your hands

Yes Chef

What else can make a candid shot make a photo look fun or interesting?   Try running your hands through your hair, playing with your skirt or shirt collar, or put your hand or your cheek.

Our Mexican Chef wanted the photo to look like fun, this was his way of doing just that!  Give your hands a task in the photo!

Use props for the best selfie poses

Go with an open mind - if it rains .. enjoy!

There are two ways to involve props when taking photos.

The prop can be part of a photo making the pose look more deliberate rather than awkward.  Grab a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, a coffee cup, a wine glass, a hat, or wear something bright and vibrant to add variation to your photo.

Use the prop to set up your camera to take the photo.  I’ve used steps, rocks, tree stumps, fence posts and chairs as tripods many times. It often gives me a creative angle that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

Try different angles when setting up your photo to add more interest to your photo.

Be creative with laughter


There’s no need to feel awkward when creating the best selfie poses.  The easiest way to get the best from your selfies are to include a smile.

Make your photos warm and inviting, lighthearted, and intriguing to look at!  Smile up at the sun, fake a laugh, laugh at at yourself and your own craziness.  Add some movement and smile like you’re having fun.

Hold the camera low for longer legs

Best Selfie Poses

Want to make those legs look longer?  Being a shortie, its been my long time dream to have longer legs so I fake it whenever I can.

Lean backwards.  Prop yourself against something like a railing or a tree in order to make your legs look longer.  Position your tripod a little farther away to avoid unflattering angles or set it low, pointing upwards for a great long-legs shot.

This photo props the tripod low and upwards to feature the legs in the foreground.

Capture the character

Best Selfie Poses Try to capture different moods and emotions – laughter, love, sadness, anger and wistfulness.  Setting up the camera to capture a mood can often feel awkward but here are some tips to help you get the best selfie poses.

Try these tips:

  • Smile then keep your eyes in the same position but relax your mouth.
  • Raise one side of your mouth to give a slight smirk.
  • Think of something sad.  Hold that expression and take the photo.
  • Pump yourself up by telling yourself how great you look.
  • Practice a smoldering look for the camera.

Practice your facial expressions in a mirror to see what works best for you.  Go shoot!

What not to do when posing for selfies

There are a few places where it’s not appropriate to take a lighthearted and frivolous selfie, so think twice and be culturally respectful.  If you think that it might not be appropriate to take a selfie at the place you’re visiting … don’t!

  • Don’t pose for a selfie in a sensitive location ie: a memorial, a concentration camp or sacred place.
  • Don’t block other people’s shots.  It’s not cool.
  • Don’t risk your safety.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your experience first and foremost.
  • Some museums, funeral services and other places forbid photography.  Be respectful of the rules – everywhere.
  • Don’t use an iPad/tablet to take photos. You will just look foolish.

Take note of your surroundings, and be respectful and courteous at all times, especially if you’re a visitor in another country.

Big Selfie fail – Best Selfie Poses – Pin me!

Best Selfie Poses without feeling Awkward

When it comes to posing for photos, don’t do the big selfie fail as we did in New York City.   Here are a few tips of what not to do when posing for selfies.

  • Don’t take the photo until everyone is ready, and looking at the camera.
  • If the sun is in your eyes, don’t move your camera to block the sun out.

The history of the Selfie

There are some interesting tales about the history of selfies and other photography trends as the selfie has evolved.   Enjoy a lighthearted read.

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While it may take some time to get used to taking the best selfie poses, it’s a great way to increase your self confidence and have even more fun with photography when travelling.

Have you got some selfie tips to share with us?  In the meanwhile keep snapping!

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