Australia is a stunningly beautiful place.

The vivid beautiful golden beaches contrasting with the stark beauty of the red outback desert country will take your breath away.

A visit to the Sydney Opera House, a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience to Uluru and a dive experience to the Great Barrier Reef will change your life forever.

Come visit us soon, we’d love to show you around.

Coober Pedy

An Aussie Road Trip – Alice Springs to Adelaide

A road trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide is arguably the second best Aussie road trip ever! The Stuart Highway south from the Northern Territory into South Australia is one...
Hot Air Balloon

21 great reasons to visit Alice Springs

21 great reasons to visit Alice Springs Alice Springs is a beautiful desert oasis.  The rich red colours of the desert, vibrant sunsets and clear...
Multicultural Melbourne

What to see and do in Multicultural Melbourne

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Melbourne city is jam-packed with fun things to do. Melbourne is a vibrant multicultural city.  Here's a list of fun things...
Mindil Beach Sunset

Darwin boasts the best lifestyle in Australia

Its true, Darwin has the best lifestyle in Australia As the gateway to the Top End, Darwin boasts the best lifestyle in Australia. This vibrant...
ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits – the recipe for everyone’s favourite!

The history behind Australia's ANZAC Biscuits ANZAC Biscuits have been linked to Australia for decades so I've included my favourite recipe for everyone to enjoy. An Anzac...
Beer Can Regatta

Darwin’s Beer Can Regatta – the fun event of the year

Darwin's Beer Can Regatta is a family fun day Darwin's Beer Can Regatta is without a doubt the event of the Top End.  The regatta...
Favourite Australian Foods - Pavlova

Favourite Australian Foods: 20 foods you must try

Forget that “toss a shrimp on the Barbie” pitch ... Australian foods are so much more than the much touted Aussie Barbecue.  Yes, we do...
Australian campfire

Australian Strine is alive and well

Australian strine is alive and well. Australian strine is a unique variant of the English language originating from the English, Irish or Scottish languages of our...
Lasseters lost gold reef Central Australia

The Legend of Lasseter’s lost gold reef

The legend of Lasseter's lost reef is one Australia's most enduring legends The legend of Lasseter's lost gold reef is one of Australia's most famous...

Historical Hotel Darwin is a hit with foodies

We were lucky enough to be in the invite list for the inaugural #WeHeartNTfoodies event hosted by Penny & Brett at the Hotel Darwin. #WeHeartNTfoodies Our...
Lingering Surfers

Linger a Little Longer as you Travel

Linger a little longer as you travel Linger a little longer as you travel. Take time to hang out, relax and have some fun, or...
Dingos on Fraser Island

Australia’s Native Animals

Australia is known for its koalas and kangaroos but did you know we have many other unique animals too? You will find native animals like...
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