How to pose for stunning travel selfies

Travelling is great fun, but the truth is most of our travel photos feature only one of us.  Learn how to take your travel photography to the next level with our 10 top travel tips on how to pose for selfies.

Have some fun and create some of your best memories!  Learn how to get those stunning, Insta-worthy photos and make sure you get in the photo too.

10 top tips to pose for selfies in your travel photos

Change your perspective

Caribbean Cruise - Haiti

When near a popular tourist spot, set up your shot with a different perspective.  Place your camera on a nearby wall or use a tripod set to shoot upwards or simply include your feet in the picture to help tell the story.

Think outside the square!  When preparing to take a beautiful photo remember that thousands of people have stood exactly where you are to take the exact same photo.  Changing the perspective will change your shot totally!

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Get personal with your Self-Timer


Self-timers are great when you’re somewhere by yourself, or not in a hurry.  If your phone has an auto-shot setting, set it on auto countdown!

Set the timer, position yourself, pose … and click!

A tripod can be a great tool when staging a photo. Place your camera a few feet in front of you, set the timer and allow 10 seconds to get in position.

Another great tip is to put your camera into burst mode and get animated.  Move a little, tilt your head, point at some strangers, look towards the distance or do a standing jump to add mix it up a little.  Have a little fun with your photos!

Coordinate your wardrobe

Be mindful of what you’re wearing.   Coordinate your clothing with the places you’re visiting.  If you wear neutral colours, you may blend into a stone wall or church.  Jazz your outfit up with a brightly coloured scarf so you stand out a little more.

Make sure the colour you choose compliments you beautifully so your photo will pop.

Ask strangers to take your photo

Travel highlights of an awesome year - New York City

Be careful who you hand your camera to.  Try to identify another tourist who’s also carrying a camera – chances are, he may even know a little about photography and take a great photo for you.

Laugh at the camera, don’t smile

You know how difficult it is to bring on a smile on cue, try laughing instead of smiling.  Trying to force a smile never fails to look staged.

Laughing out loud will relax your face muscles and take away the teeth-clenched look!

Awkward selfie pose

Selfie - Camera Assessories

Buy a selfie stick and practice, practice, practice!  It’s all in knowing where to look.  Our trick is to look away into the distance and not focus on the camera … but it took me many shots to figure that out!

Find another couple looking awkward taking a selfie.  Offer to take their picture, and then ask them to take yours in return. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige.

It’s hard to look natural

Ann at sunsetI’m working hard on feeling confident before a camera.  So here are a few tips.

Don’t always face the camera, create a unique pose, flick your hair back or look off into the distance.  Pull a face, do something unpredictable – it’s all part of the fun!

Backgrounds with patterns, puddles, rivers and coastlines or large monuments all make great backdrops.  Make use of them whenever you can!

Use Props

Podcasts anywhereA great tip is to use accessories to keep your hands occupied and provide an object of interest in the photo.  Hold a hat, your phone or a pair of sunglasses.

Hold up a glass of wine and say ‘cheers’ to the camera.  Be creative!

Take a short video

Want to catch your skirt or hair blowing in the wind?  Twirl around, skip a couple of steps or bend down to pick a beautiful flower.  Take a video of it!  It’s a great way to add variety into your travel photos and create interest.

Showcase your personalityBusking in Las Vegas with the best

Make sure you take lots of photos of yourself on your travels.  Capture the fun moments!

Taking pictures of yourself is often awkward, but your mood and your expression will change and you will get a chance showcase some of your personal experiences to enjoy later.

Embrace the moment!

Travelling is great fun, but the truth is most of our travel photos feature only one or the other of us, rarely do we both get in the frame.  Learning how to pose for selfies has been a fun way to change that.

Be a little silly but most of all, have fun!  Your photos will hold thousands of memories that can only happen just once in a lifetime.

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How to pose for Selfies

I hope you’ve found these tips useful.  If you’d like to read more helpful photography tips, check out these posts below.

Have you got any other tips we should add to this list?  Is there something that you do when setting up your travel photos?  Care to share below?

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