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A true desert oasis, Olive Pink Botanic Garden is a ‘must-see’ when visiting Alice Springs.

Olive Pink Botanic Garden, right in the heart of Alice Springs was founded by one of Alice Springs most colourful characters.

Immerse yourself in this fantastic desert garden, enjoy the network of walking trails through the garden and up on to Annie Myers Hill, where great views of Alice Springs, the Todd River and the MacDonnell Ranges can be seen.

There are the self guided walks and interpretive signs to help the visitors learn about desert plants, their uses and about the life of the Garden’s founder Miss Pink.

Come for a coffee in one of Australia’s finest garden cafe’s and enjoy the serenity.

The extraordinary Miss Pink

The ‘Australian Arid Regions Native Flora Reserve” was founded in October 1956.  At the age of 72, Miss Olive Pink set up her tent on the grounds of what is now Olive Pink Botanic Garden and lobbied NT politicians to establish a Flora Reserve in order to protect native flora.

Miss Olive Muriel Pink, was an outspoken advocate for Aboriginal rights, campaigning vigorously long before it was fashionable to do so. She was also an accomplished botanical artist and the visionary force behind the development of the first Arid Zone Botanic Garden in the southern hemisphere.

During her time at the Garden, Miss Pink and her Warlpiri gardener of many years, Johnny Jampijinpa Yannarilyi, planted various local native trees and shrubs as well as an eclectic collection of garden flowers, agaves and other introduced plants on her quarter acre block around her hut.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Olive Pink Botanical Garden

Annie Meyers Hill is a very significant Arrernte cultural site associated with ‘caterpillar dreaming’.   A sign at the top describes an Arrernte view of Alice Springs and the surrounding country.

There are a number of other signs throughout the Garden providing information about traditional bushfoods, medicinal plants and Aboriginal culture.  Stop and read them as you wander through this unique desert garden.

The day I visited, I wandered past a small bush loaded with hatching butterflies.  Never have I seen that in my travels before!

Native Birds and Wildlife

Olive Pink Botanical GardensExcellent birdwatching and wildlife viewing exist in the Garden.  Black-footed Rock Wallaby  and Euros (hill kangaroos) are commonly seen, and over 80 bird species have been recorded, including a number noted to be rare.

Many other mammals, frogs and reptiles that live in this native wildlife haven.

Art and Sculpture

Sculptures at Olive Pink Botanical GardenA number of art and sculpture installations can be found throughout the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens adding to it’s unique landscape and interesting pathways.

Olive Pink GardenThe Bean Tree Cafe

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or morning or afternoon tea in these beautiful garden surrounds.  Listen to the birds chirping away in the trees and watch the Western Bowerbirds fussing as they build their nests.  If you’re lucky you will see a Perentie saunter past while you’re sitting quietly enjoying the surrounds.

Olive Pink Botanical GardenA great place to sneak away and enjoy some of the Alice Springs peace and quiet.

How to get to Olive Pink Botanical Garden

A ten-minute walk from the visitor information centre, the garden is on the eastern bank of the Todd River.  The main entrance is on the corner of Tuncks Road and Barrett Drive.

The Olive Pink Botanic Garden is a community organisation, relying on friends and supporters to help fund the garden.  Entry is free, but if you can, please leave a donation.

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Olive Pink Botanical Gardens

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