Take a camel tour with Mr Personality

Take a Camel Tour with Mr Personality and experience the true beauty of the Red Centre as you take one of the most amazing desert experiences ever! There is nothing quite like the true beauty of the Red Centre as you take one of the most amazing desert experiences ever!

You will be amazed with the vivid sunset skies and the golden mountain ranges as you ride high upon the ‘ships of the desert’.  See some of the most spectacular Australian wildlife as you wander through the Central Australian desert.

Enjoy the peace and serenity of Outback Australia.  It’s remote and the countryside is stark but it is extraordinarily beautiful.

Take a camel tour in Alice Springs

A peaceful trek into the West MacDonnell ranges is one of the ‘must-do’ things to put on your list of things to do whilst visiting Alice Springs.

We booked our camel tour through Pyndan Camel Tracks in Alice Springs.  A 10 minute drive south of Alice Springs, the camel farm is in the White Gums Valley along the MacDonnell Ranges.

There were 13 of us on the camel tour that day from across Australia as well as International visitors – all loving the adventure.

Camel Tours

Saleh Mohamed

We were introduced to our camel, Saleh Mohamed.  Named after one of the most well-known Afghan cameleers in Alice Springs.

Afghan Cameleers were an integral part of the exploration of Central Australia in the 1870’s.  Sallay Mohamed was a famous Afghan cameleer and descendant of the early cameleers.  Read more about how the Afghan community settled in Central Australia, developing one of the important transportation links through the Northern Territory.

Mr Personality

Hey guys .. I'm still here

Our Saleh was a bit of a showoff!  As the anchor at the end of the camel string, it was Saleh’s job to bring up the rear of the camel tour.

Saleh, was a bit of
a stickybeak!

Saleh was clearly not a follower.  There’s one in every bunch, right?  He preferred to walk to the side of the line of camels, rather than follow behind.

Throughout the tour he craned his head from side to side, watching what was going on up front and made sure he didn’t miss anything important.  In Australia, we refer to that behaviour as ‘being a stickybeak’!

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Mr Personality himself.   From time to time, Saleh nudged the next rider’s leg to solicit a pat and, I think, quickly became the highlight of their camel tour.  You will see in my photos his beautiful white furry head in most of the shots. His wool was a light creamy colour, which contrasted with most of the other camels dark brown colours.

Saleh also loved to bellow loudly to draw everyone’s attention and make it known that he was still hanging on at the rear of the camel train.

Getting Started

Getting on-board was an interesting process.   Hang on tight.  The camel lunges forward as he gets to his feet and if you’re not hanging on with your feet firmly in the stirrups you could be ousted.

Once up, the views were fantastic and as we were the last camel on the camel train, we had full sight of the camels up front on our camel tour.  Perfect!

Heading off on our camel tour

Sunset camel tour

Shutting the gate
Shutting the gate involves creating a circle before heading off into the desert
Hello Saleh
Saleh introducing himself to the guys up-front

Heading into White Gums Valley

The colours of Central Australia are magnificent at sunset.  White Gums is a valley of salt pans where the water table is close to the surface. There is a high salt content so a limited number of trees and shrubs grow in this area.

The West MacDonnell ranges reflect a range of colours as the sun sets.  The day we visited, the sky was speckled with an interesting cloud display.

Camel Tour

Just checking the camel tour
Saleh checking out the tour and making sure everyone is following correctly.

Bringing up the rear

Camel Tour shadows
Long shadows of the camel train in the setting sun where one of the highlights.
the camel tour against Ilparpa Ranges
The Camel Tour with Ilparpa Ranges in the background
Spinifex tufts
Spinifex tufts
Beautiful desert faces
Caption this camel. What is he saying?
End of the day
At the end of the day the saddles were removed and the camels were led into the yard for feeding

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Heading to Alice Springs soon?


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Camel Tour with Mr Personality

A camel trek was something I have wanted to do for ages so when the opportunity came up when in Alice Springs recently, we jumped at it.

It was relaxing to take this slow-paced camel ride through the desert as we enjoyed the glorious sunset over the Ilparpa Ranges.  Enjoy it all – the colours, the reflections, the shadows and these magnificent gentle animals.

Most of all we loved getting to know the personalities of the camels – each were quite different from the others and there were some quirky characters in our camel tour.

Have you taken a camel tour yet?  How was it?  Did you have a quirky camel too?  Want to share your camel experience in the comments below.  I’d love to hear about your experience.

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