Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb has been one of my dream adventures for the longest time.  One of only 3 climbable bridges world wide, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is well-known for it’s spectacular views across the Harbour.

I knew climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge would be a challenge.  It’s uphill!  With neither of us particularly comfortable with heights we decided it was time to push those boundaries.

So taking a leap of faith, I booked a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb on our last visit to Sydney!

The Choices

The Summit – 3.5 hours

Immerse yourself in the 360-degree panoramic views as you journey to the Summit of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

Summit Express – 2.25 hours

This energetic experience is the fastest trip to the top of the Bridge.

The Sampler Climb – 1.5 hours

Walking on catwalks directly over Sydney Harbour, overlooking the Opera House to the base of the Bridge’s lower arch you will climb to the peak of the lower arch before descending via the Darling Harbour side of the Bridge.

Other Climbs

From karaoke, to weddings and premium Climb then Dine packages, there is a Climb experience to suit everyone.  Just ask!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

We chose the Sampler Climb to take us up the inside of the bridge structure.  For us it was a great choice as we were able to climb through the rigging of this famous structure and view the harbour from within.  We wanted to feel that we were surrounded by the bridge.

Our Bridge Climb guide


The team at Bridge Climb were friendly and supportive, reassuring nervous climbers as they got ready for the climb.

At our first briefing, we were introduced to Maddy, our Bridge Climb Guide.  Maddy clearly loved her job.

Bright and bubbly, she and came with a wealth of knowledge about the bridge and Sydney in general.

An experienced guide and bridge climber, she was well prepared for our tour sharing interesting facts about the construction of the bridge, and the city of Sydney.

Throughout the climb, Maddy pointed out key landmarks as she talked about the highlights of the city and suggested other attractions worth visiting whilst we were in Sydney.

Preparing for our climb

The Bridge Climb

Strict protocols are undertaken before the climb commenced involving a ‘disclosure document’ paying particular attention to any known health issues, an alcohol breath test for safety and the expectations of the climb.

Decked out in an oversized climb-suit we stepped into the harness, as the team fitted it snugly around our waists.  Given a Bridge Climb cap to keep hair and the sun out of your face, handkerchief, lanyard for sunglasses we were ready to do the Bridge Climb.

Walking through the circular opening through the granite pylon, we were fastened to cables that would secure us and guide us around the heights of the Bridge.

Stepping onto the narrow metal gangway under the bridge, we walked slowly towards the main bridge structure.

The spectacular views

Bridge Climb

Surprisingly, as we commenced the climb, neither of us felt any fear or concern about our Bridge Climb adventure.

Clipped onto the bridge guide-wires we stepped carefully onto the metal walkways, traversing across the narrow beams towards the main bridge structure.

Climbing the first few stairs was a concern, they were steep.  We were able to pace ourselves as we climbed upwards with rest-stops making the climb easier to manage.

Sydney harbour was alive with people enjoying their Saturday afternoon on the water.  Sailing boats, leisure craft and ferry’s chugging along below.   Passengers aboard passing ships waved up at us as we continued our climb slowly upwards.  We waved back.

The view from the summit was as spectacular as I had imagined.  We were able to enjoy the stunning landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, city skyscrapers and the beautiful bays and beaches – all from the vantage points of the Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Heading down

Heading down was the easy part. My knees absolutely loved the descent!  Coming down seemed to take no time at all in comparison.

As we reached the road level, a train whizzed by reminding us of the city bustle.

The sense of achievement

Arriving back at the Climb station, we felt a great sense of achievement.

Whilst the climb was certainly not the easiest thing I’ve done, it was challenging and at first I didn’t feel confident that I would manage the distance.  To my surprise, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I’m pleased I made the effort.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Did you know?

Did you know that there are only three places in the world where you can climb to the top of a bridge?  All three are ‘Down Under’ with 2 in Australia and the last in Auckland, New Zealand.

These bridges boast breathtaking views.  Visit and enjoy them yourself.

There are many more which allow you to walk across to enjoy the city views.

Read more: 

If you have an opportunity to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Do it!   It was truly one of the most amazing things I have done, and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Photos: Compliments of Bridge Climb.

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