Dingos on Fraser Island

Australia’s Native Animals

Australia is known for its koalas and kangaroos but did you know we have many other unique animals too? You will find native animals like...
Extreme weather survival guide

Extreme weather survival guide for Australia

Everything you need to know to survive Australia's weather. Australia is known to experience scorching hot summers, but have you heard about our winters?  Here's...
Atlantis Space Shuttle NASA

Are you checking your goals off your Bucket List?

What's on your Bucket List?  Are you ticking off your goals? Reflecting on our life, one rainy weekend Trevor and I put together a Bucket List...
Noosa Strade Bianche

Noosa Strade Bianche for Retro Bikes

The Noosa Strade Bianche pays homage to the ‘golden age’ of cycling - again! The Noosa Strade Bianche is an annual retro bike ride for steel...
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