Here’s 30 of our Best Adventures in Australia

Australia has so much to see and do that I’m constantly adding new adventures to my ‘travel list’ as soon as I’ve ticked others off.   Here’s a list of our best 30 adventures in Australia.

My travel ‘to do’ list is always growing.  Seemingly as I tick one adventure off another appears, as if by magic!  Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Take a camel ride in the desert.  Visit Australia’s best beach.  Swim with the dolphins at Monkey Mia.  Explore the ancient Daintree Rainforest.  There are so many adventures to choose from!

Here are 30 of our favourite adventures in Australia.  Hand-picked to ensure your next adventure will be one the best adventures of your lifetime.

30 of our best Adventures in Australia

So many holiday ideas, so little time!  We have completed many of these Aussie adventures, some you will find on AussieMob and some are yet to be written. So follow along as we share our travel experiences.  There are many amazing Australian adventures still to do.

We’re always looking for ideas so if there’s somewhere you think we should visit, please leave me a note below or Instagram or Facebook.  I’d really love to explore and include them to my Bucket List!

Do the Best Aussie Road Trip

Aussie Road Trip

Travelling from Adelaide to Darwin (or vice versa) is one of the best road trip adventures that you will ever do in Australia.  There is nothing like Outback Australia and this road trip takes you through the best of the Outback.  The Stuart Highway heading from South Australia into the Northern Territory  is one of those quintessential travel experiences that everyone should have!

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Visit Australia’s Best Beach

Whitehaven BeachThe beach with the whitest sand in the world, Whitehaven Beach on Hamilton Island has been voted ‘Australia’s Best Beach’ yet again.  It’s one of the most stunning beaches to go swimming in Australia, so travel to the Whitsunday Islands and be smitten like the rest of us.

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Indulge yourself – Go glamping at Uluru

Uluru Northern Territory Australia

Australia’s most famous ‘Rock’.  Uluru is more than just a holiday, it is a spiritual journey  and one of the most amazing Australian adventures.  The landscape will take your breath away and the culture, will become part of you forever.  There are a range of accommodation options available, but why not try a luxury wilderness experience at Longitude 131° for something different.

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Visit Noosa, Australia’s favourite holiday destination

Noosa - Australias favourite holiday hotspot

Noosa is a stylish beachside resort-town that’s become Australia’s holiday hotspot.  Although known for its trendy boutiques, alfresco restaurants and its chic cafe scene, it was not a surprise to learn that people simply go to Noosa for it’s beaches, surf and its glorious sunshine!  Who would’ve thought!

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Take a Wine Tasting Tour in the Barossa Valley

Wine tasting in the Barossa Valley

The world renowned Barossa is Australia’s premier wine region d dating back 1843 when founded by German settlers.  The Barossa Valley it is a must-visit destination on any wine lovers list.   Wineries in the Barossa region offer exceptional range of quality wines and restaurants.

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Climb Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Not surprisingly, hundreds of climbers make their way up the Sydney Harbour Bridge every day. The question is “What type of Climber are you”?  Do you want to tick this off your Bucket List?  Conquer a fear of heights?  or maybe you want to experience the most spectacular view you can ever imagine?  Whatever the reason, when in Sydney next, don’t miss this amazing adventure!  An awesome experience!

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Visit the Ancient Daintree Rainforest

the Daintree Discovery Centre

A paradise for bird-watchers and nature-lovers, the Daintree is home to many rare plants and animals.  See the ancient tropical rainforest of the Daintree National Park, the magnificent Daintree River and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  Both are registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites.  It’s where the Rainforest meets the Reef.

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Be overwhelmed by the Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles

The Devils Marbles are spectacular sight.  At sunrise and sunset they glow with the rich golden colours of the desert.  A culturally sacred site for Indigenous Australians,  Aboriginal legends believes that the Devils Marbles are the eggs of the Rainbow Serpent and have magical powers.  The Devils Marbles are one of the highlights along the Adelaide to Darwin road-trip.

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Sail the Whitsunday Islands

Sail the Whitsundays

Take a day cruise or a bare-boat charter when you visit the Whitsunday Islands on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.  The Whitsunday Islands is the only place in the world where you can rent a multi-million dollar yacht without a license however, if you prefer to have your boat skippered, that’s an option too.   With 74 nearby islands to explore, you can truly live the dream.

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Do the Red Centre Way

Central Australia via the Red Centre Way

To experience the best of the Outback, take the highway west of Alice Springs along the Red Centre Way.  Stop off at Simpson’s Gap to see the huge ghost gums and rock wallabies in their natural habitat.  Walk into Standley Chasm around midday for a stunning glow of vivid colour before heading to the swimming holes of Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge and picturesque Glen Helen Gorge to cool off.  Central Australia has so much to offer, so stay a while and be sure to see it all.

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Explore Kakadu

Aboriginal rock art, Northern Territory

UNESCO World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park, is a natural and cultural wonder.  Discover ancient Aboriginal art galleries, hike to the top of rugged escarpments and cruise the wetlands past waterlilies, waterfalls, crocodiles and rare migratory birds.  Learn about the local Indigenous culture and the 6 seasons of Kakadu.

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Drive the spectacular Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road - What Aussies love about AustraliaThe Great Ocean Road is one of the most stunning road-trips you can do.  Driving along the ‘bottom edge’ of Australia will present stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, tons of wildlife and quaint little beach-side townships along the drive.  It has become a popular ‘getaway’ destinations for Aussies.  Make sure you see this beautiful part of the world.  I never tire of the scenery!

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Experience Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo IslandKangaroo Island is known as nature’s playground so you can expect to see plenty of wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas and koalas on your visit.  Friendly pubs and restaurants offering delicious food and wine will make sure your visit is perfect. The scenery is spectacular with towering cliffs, beautiful beaches and amazingly clear water … but best of all, KI just 45 minutes from Adelaide city!

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Sleep Underground at Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy Australia

Coober Pedy is one of Australia’s most unusual towns.  In one of Australia’s hottest climates, the town of Coober Pedy is mostly built underground to minimise the heat.  Visit underground houses, cafes and churches and stay overnight in an underground hotel for a truly memorable experience.  Coober Pedy is known as the Opal Capital of the World, with plenty of opportunities to purchase stunning gemstones – or go ‘noodling’ to find your own.

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Journey deep into Nitmiluk

Nitmiluk - Katherine Gorge

The stunning Nitmiluk (also called Katherine Gorge) has been carved out of sandstone cliffs over thousands of years.  Thirteen interconnected gorges are steeped in ancient Aboriginal culture and legends.  Nitmiluk has some of the most stunning scenery you’ll see in the Northern Territory.

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Camel rides in the desert

There is nothing quite like being out and about on the back of a camel in the middle of the Central Australian desert.  Vivid sunsets setting over the golden mountain ranges as you ride high upon the ‘ships of the desert’.  See some of the most spectacular Australian wildlife pass by as you wander through the Central Australian desert on the back of a camel.  I have to say … this camel tour has been one of my best adventures in Australia!

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Swim with the Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia, Western Australia
Image by tommackean from Pixabay

An untouched wilderness, Monkey Mia is home to one of the world’s best-known dolphin swimming encounters.  Wade into the shallow waters to swim with wild dolphins and if you’re lucky you’ll also see fish, sting rays and the occasional turtle in these crystal-clear waters.

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The love story behind Paronella Park

Paronella Park

José Paronella’s dream was to build a castle for his bride. He chose a beautiful location just south of Cairns in Far North Queensland and created Paronella Park. On 5 Hectares beside Mena Creek Falls he built his castle … complete with a picnic area by the falls, tennis courts, bridges and tunnel. It’s an extraordinary place to visit.

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Go Eco on Fraser Island

Fraser IslandFraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. UNESCO World Heritage listed, it ranks in importance with Uluru, Kakadu, the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef.  White sandy beaches, majestic rainforests, crystal clear lakes, nature walks and banksia woodlands.  Well-known for it’s eco-friendly focus, Fraser Island is a gorgeous getaway.

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Experience ‘the Ghan’

the Ghan

The most relaxing way to see the Australian Outback between Adelaide and Darwin (or vice versa) is by taking the luxury train trip ‘the Ghan’.  In just 3 days (between Adelaide and Darwin) you will cover a distance of almost 3,000 kilometres.  This trip has been on my bucket list for ages!

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Reflect at the War Memorial

Australian War Memorial, CanberraThe Australian War Memorial in Canberra combines a remembrance shrine, a world-class museum and an extensive archive. The Memorial was established to commemorate the sacrifice of Australians who have died in war, remembering the Australian commitment to war and its enduring impact on Australian society.

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Check out the Mornington Peninsula

Mornington PeninsulaThe Mornington Peninsula is just an hour from Melbourne and hosts a number of seaside towns and local wineries.  Discover the beautiful seascapes or try something you’ve never done before, like learning to scuba dive or swimming with dolphins, go surfing, sailing or stand up paddle boarding or settle in to do some fishing line from the pier.

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Explore the Kimberley

King George Falls - the KimberleysExploring the Kimberley’s is a long-held dream for most Australians.

Expect to see extraordinary landscapes with giant boab trees, breathtaking ancient rock art, hot springs and crystal-clear plunge pools.  Not to mention the waterfalls and white sand beaches – find peace and quiet!

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Take the Historic Trail to Cooktown


Cooktown in Far North Queensland is a charming, historical town well-known after Captain Cook ran aground on nearby reefs.  It is also closest Australian town to the Great Barrier Reef.  With its laid-back atmosphere and friendly people, Cooktown is a great place to explore.

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Meet a Quokka on Rottnest Island

QuokkaRottnest Island is known for its natural beauty, spectacular flora, abundant marine life and wildlife and many unique species.  Rottnest Island’s famous marsupial, the Quokka, can be seen right around the Island.  Do a guided tour with a ranger to learn more about this native animal and add this to your list of adventures in Australia.

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Visit the Undara Lava Tubes

Undara Lava TubesThe Undara Lava Tubes are a delicate ecosystem and once part of Gondwana. This ancient land was formed by natural forces and climatic changes over hundreds of millions of years.  This National Park is a sanctuary for wildlife and birds, native plants and vegetation.  Just another of our best Australian adventures!

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Experience the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef AdventureThere is much to see and do on the Great Barrier Reef.  Scuba diving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef promises one of the best coral and sea-life experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Enjoy a range of activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, bare boat charter, glass-bottomed boat viewing, whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

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Visit Christmas Island

Christmas Island Crab Migration

Christmas Island is full of natural wonders.  From the annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and stunning deserted beaches.  Loaded with nature, culture and history, Christmas Island is a truly one of the best adventures in Australia.

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Take a back-stage tour at the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Discover the stories, history and magic of the Sydney Opera House.  Heritage listed, this architectural wonder offers more than 1600 performances each year with some of the most noted performers world-wide.  Learn about Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s ambitious vision for a world class performing arts centre came to reality.

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Walk amongst the Giants

Valley of the GiantsThe Valley of the Giants is on the south coast of Western Australia. World famous for the Tree Top Walk suspended 40 metres high above in the canopy.  You will find some of the biggest timber giants on Earth, Western Australia’s majestic Tingle Trees. The trail is the first of its kind, designed to maximise views of the forest.

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Are you looking for an amazing Australian adventure?  Why not pin for later.

Even through I travel frequently there are still so many things yet to see and do.

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What’s my next adventure?  I can’t decide!  I’m like a kid in a candy shop!  We always seem to find the ultimate feel good experiences from each adventure no matter where we go.  Life is shorttake the trip!

These are 30 of our best adventures in Australia.  Where are you off to next?  Is it somewhere I should add to my ultimate bucket list?  I’d love to know your bucket list suggestions … drop me a note in the comments below.

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